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The Cameron Wellness Center’s Alternative Medical Team

Naturopathic Doctor in Utah - Todd Cameron

Dr. Todd Cameron, Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Dr Todd Cameron began his career in medicine in the 70’s as an Emergency Medical Technician certified through the National Registry (NREMT). In 1990 he received his Baccalaureate in Science from the University of Utah College of Nursing (BSN).

While working as a nurse in an intensive care environment he developed a deep and abiding respect for modern conventional medicine’s ability to save life and limb.  As his interest in medicine grew, he made new plans to attend medical school with a focus on emergency medicine.  Leaving the intensive care environment to finish pre-med classes, he found flexible scheduling in home health nursing services allowing him to attend classes.

It was here he began to question the conventional medical approach to disease.  Polypharmacy (the use of many drugs simultaneously) was the rule with most of the patients he attended, and the effects of the interactions were appalling.  He further witnessed the over use of other medical technologies.  Techniques that were very appropriate in an emergent or intensive care environment where obviously being grossly overused.

He began searching for alternatives. Having heard of Naturopathic medicine in the past, he explored the possibilities and discovered two accredited medical schools in the US, both in the northwest. He chose National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in Portland Oregon, graduating in 1996.  He was then accepted into a residency beginning the NCNM Portland Naturopathic Clinic, and completed in 1997 at Mackay Dee hospital, Ogden, Utah.

Since 1997 he has owed and run the Cameron Wellness Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr Cameron has earned national recognition for his work with the adrenal system and the role of thyroid function. A popular speaker and educator, Dr. Cameron is in demand as a corporate and organizational wellness consultant, presenting frequent seminars to the public.


Dr. Jeannette Daneals, Naturopathic Resident Physician

We are pleased and happy to announce our new resident physician, Dr. Jeannette Daneals. She grew up in a non-affluent neighborhood in Buffalo, New York. She was determined to live a healthier quality of life and work to facilitate the same for others. Jeannette has come to find that “poverty of the mind” is a greater obstacle to betterment than socioeconomic status and that everyone deserves an opportunity to be well regardless of social systems. Her life’s work is to help others become healthier versions of themselves.

After more than two decades of working in the health and wellness field, Jeannette felt drawn to Naturopathic medicine as it addressed the “whole person”, and thus tethering all her passions into one calling. In 2016, she earned her Naturopathic Medical Doctor degree from National College of Natural Medicine. Jeannette feels honored to work with the Cameron Wellness Center in holding a safe space for healing. Dr. Daneals is now currently completing a CNME/NPGA-approved general practice residency at Cameron Wellness Center.