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Events And Seminars At The Cameron Wellness Center

Come and check out the events and seminars at the Cameron Wellness Center!

Due to popular demand, we’ve extended our B-12 Happy Hour! We now offer our incredible special all day Wednesdays until the end of March!


Who can benefit from a B-12 shot? Everyone! If you’re a hardworking parent, an athlete, exhausted after work, vegetarian or vegan, taking prescription medications, or just living a busy life, getting a B-12 boost may be just what the doctor ordered.

Get ready for the next adventure by getting a B-12 injection! Happy, healthy, long lasting energy that doesn’t leave you jittery and wired . Come in all day Wednesdays until the end of March! 

Only $15!  Bring a friend and save an additional $5/friend!

First come, first served! 


Sugar House Art Walk At The Cameron Wellness Center!

Friday, March 10, 2017 from 6:00 to 9:00 PM

The Cameron Wellness Center is proud to sponsor a new incredible artist, Karina Silver!  Come enjoy her incredible art and enjoy a fun evening of art, food, and good company! 



More about Karina: Living in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains I am surrounded by unparalleled beauty.  The open wild spaces, untouched terrain and clear night skies nourish my imagination, bringing connection between my inner experience and what I see in the dynamic world around me.

The process of creating paintings ignites my spirit.  I am moved to create and participate in the world in a way that reflects life, love and beauty. It is my desire to share in ways that can refresh one spiritually and connect one viscerally to beauty, acceptance and love unbounded.

Here are a few examples of her work:


File_1045 Potential A+B II, 4/29/10, 4:50 PM, 16C, 11988x15984 (0+0), 150%, silver, 1/60 s, R114.6, G61.4, B74.3

Call 801-486-4226 for more details…