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The Cameron Wellness Center is excited to our announce new healthy lifestyle program! Find you inner life by combining Naturopathic Medicine, Holistic Health Coaching, Nutritional Guidance Counseling, and Emotional Breakthroughs, we now offer the most complete health coaching program available to assist in your goals of health/fitness, relationships, spiritual connection, and intuitive living.  

You will be amazed how much easier life is when you begin to live from your intuitive authentic self.   During this six month program, you will have the required time to let go of negative beliefs and lifestyles and embrace what really expresses why you are on this planet.    

We will meet twice a month and create in your own unique way, a repatterning of joy in the areas of nutrition, relationships, career, physical awareness, and spiritual practices.   The impact this has on your Whole Self is unimaginable and must be experienced to fully appreciate.   

As you complete the fun but practical exercises and homework, you will notice a subtle but profound shift in the way you view the world around you.   This has a huge impact on the way you engage in your surroundings.   Your life will not be the same from our very first session.  This program is a success for all ages.  If you have chosen into Dr. Cameron’s life changing Boston Heart Health program, this will be amazing support as you integrate your new life skills.  

This is a six month commitment, meeting regularly twice a month.   There will be evening workshops available  in addition to your personal sessions.   The fee is $1099 if paid in installments of $183/month or $999 if paid in full. This includes all handouts, journals, gifts, and samples.  Our highly skilled facilitators will be able to guide you through any emotional breakthroughs needed as you dedicate yourself to a more authentic approach to life.  This alone is a $75.00 savings per session.  Your initial consultation is free of charge.

Call the Cameron Wellness Center at 801 486 4226 to sign up today!