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Cameron spa logo with suculents

Introducing the new Cameron Wellness Life Spa!

Once we realized that expansion was possible next to our existing clinic, we began searching for the best services we could add to our menu that would help facilitate true positive life changes in our patients. We began asking and listening to our patients and this is what we discovered:

  • Everyone wants to be heard.
  • There is a desire for deep experiences with healthcare practitioners.
  • All patients must receive an individualized plan made specifically to their health status and goals.
  • It is vital┬áto relax, breathe and feel supported in order for change to happen.
  • There is a need for support on all levels in order for lasting transformation to occur.
  • Positive life changes can be joyful, easy and nurturing. Not all changes have to be painful.
  • Patients want to visit one convenient location on the ground level for all their healthcare services.

That’s when the Cameron Wellness Life Spa was born. Bringing together the nurturing, healing and supportive environment of a spa with the innovative naturopathic medical services was the obvious growth opportunity. Thus from the vision and inspiration to its opening will be almost one year. And through our own transformation we haven’t forgotten our original dream to create a healthcare experience unlike any other for our patients and their families.

Here is a sneak peek at the progress:

Spa Before

We’ve started all over in order to provide you with the best of spa services with a brand new beautiful space!
Spa before

Spa Before

The new Life Spa is right next door to the clinic and on the main floor for your convenience! You won’t have to go any further than Sugar House for all your healthcare needs!
Spa outside before

Spa After

Welcome to the Cameron Wellness Life Spa!
An experience unlike any other. Here you will find an ideal union of the best alternative medical technology together with nurturing esthetic, massage, acupuncture services and life style programs to help you find balance, restoration and natural wellness; while being pampered too!
spa outside after

Watch for the opening in September!

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