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B-12 Happy Hour! Only $15!

All day Wednesdays through the month of March!


Who can benefit from a B-12 shot?


If you’re a hardworking parent, an athlete, exhausted after work, vegetarian or vegan, taking prescription medications, or just living a busy life, getting a B12 boost may be just what the doctor ordered. You’ll feel happy, healthy and energized without the jittery sensations associated with caffeine.happy-family-silhouette-

What is the cost?

Injections are $15 each Regularly $20 (25% savings!)

With each friend you bring saves you $5 – bring three friends and your own shot if free!

In addition to B-12, you can add on to your shot with B-6, B-Complex, Magnesium &/or Folic Acid for only $5 each!

Do I have to be a patient of the Cameron Wellness Center?

You do not need to be a current patient but expect a one-time initiation fee of $20 your first visit only (this includes a brief screening). If you’re not able to come in during our Happy Hour, you are welcome to make an appointment at another time. The cost of a B-12 injection outside of Happy Hour is $20.

Naturopathic Medicine in Utah - Respiratory

Having Respiratory Issues?

Come try our wonderful Herbal Nebulizer Treatments for Respiratory Issues

We offer a wonderful herbal breathing treatment. It’s beneficial during any stage of respiratory illness. It’s safe, cost effective and tastes great –for lung support for any age.. 

This Month Only $20/each!

Naturopathic Medicine in Utah - IV

Join The IV League And Get Smart About Your Health!

IV Vitamin And Mineral Infusion Specials!

Buy one Ozone Flu Therapy Treatment and get the next 1/2 off!


Buy 5 and get the 6th 1/2 price! or Buy 10 and get the 11th free!

Do You Or Someone You Know…

Have The Flu And Don’t Know What To Do?

Need a boost?

Traveling and want to stay healthy?

Mention this ad and get our special Infusion Special

You deserve a boost! Make an appointment today!

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