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Have you tried fad diets, deprivation and other things to try to kick a sugar habit but not finding a solution to solve the core problem? Try our spring detox special program and feel great!

There is a program by Dr. Daryl Gioffre that was created because of his own experience with overcoming decades of a sugar addiction. His philosophies are very similiar to those practiced at the Cameron Wellness Center and therefore we feel confident to offer this special program.

By creating this program, which is based on what Dr. Gioffre learned over many years from many experts in the fields of health and nutrition, he has been able to use food as a fuel, rather than an addiction, to help him heal and reverse the damage done to his body by the sugar addiction.

Even those who have a super clean diet and lifestyle will benefit greatly from seasonal cleansing because of modern day stressors and toxins that are out of our control. So no matter what might be your current lifestyle, health level, diet or sugar addiction level, regular detoxification can be a very special gift to give to yourself.

Many of us set aside time to spring clean our homes, our yards, and our automobiles, yet the body is often forgotten.

This is a wonderful opportunity to support your body so it may function at its full potential.

Click this link to learn more https://ku204.isrefer.com/go/7-day-diy-cleanse/DrTodd

Stop struggling with allergies, stress, fatigue, headaches, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, weak immune systems, poor sleep and skin problems.

These are your body’s cries for help!

It is asking for a time to rest, rejuvenate, be deeply nurtured and “tuned up.”

During this program, you will need to put a little extra time and attention into breaking from your routine, but your reward will be feeling like you have a new lease on life!

Together, let’s discover how you can feel better than you’ve felt in years.

This 7-Day Alkaline Cleanse isn’t about depleting your body of the foods you love, starving yourself, or taking energy supplements with unwanted side effects. It’s about feeling great!



You will receive 4 Single-Serve Packets of Alkamind Daily Greens and 2 Single-Serve Packets of Alkamind Daily Minerals which will increase your results by 50-70% on the detox.
You will gain membership access to the 2-Day Detox Digital Materials – the Daily Protocol, Recipes, 2-Day Meal Plan & Shopping Guide, and the Detox Welcome Guide.
Have a question?  Call the Cameron Wellness Center 801 486 4226 now to sign up for this amazing program!