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Mary's watercolor

Sugar House Art Walk At The Cameron Wellness Center

Friday, April 10 From 6:00 to 9:00 PM

Mary Pusey

Mary painting

 Mosaic Paintings in Water Media

Mary will demonstrate her technique for painting flowers in a mosaic-like way using and gouache. From design, to using color as value, Mary will explain her thought process. It’s all about interesting shapes and value patterns.

Mary’s work is on display at Cameron Wellness Center. She is also a member of Art at the Main Gallery in the Main SLC Library. Mary grew up in Midvale, Utah.  She retired from teaching in 2013. She now paints full time! Mary has been painting since attending a teacher in-service class. What started as a way to bring art into the classroom ended in a love of watercolor and painting. She attends many workshops from diverse artists. . She paints and sketches her way through vacations in the car or on her Harley. Mary has had paintings juried into and won awards in exhibitions sponsored by Intermountain Society Artists, the Schorr Gallery, and the Utah Watercolor Society.

Sue Martin

LoFall inspirationosen Up Your Watercolors with Line and Pattern

My paintings are collaborations between artist, surface, and paint. Whether I am painting with watercolor, acrylic, or oil, and whether the subject is more or less realistic or abstracted, I enjoy giving the paint the freedom to do what it does best, coaxing it, rather than controlling it, to tell my story. In my paintings, you can see the artist’s hand in the brush strokes and drawing with watercolor crayons.

I especially enjoy incorporating texture in my underpaintings. Sometimes I use acrylic gel and stencils; other times I use stamps that I create myself. When texture and pattern is applied in a random abstract way, it gives me a problem to solve as I paint the subject on top of it. It becomes another opportunity to collaborate with my materials and the result is usually far more interesting and creative than if I painted the subject realistically.

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