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Vitamin c

Vitamin C Saves Lives

by Dr. Todd Cameron, Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Over the years, after administering thousands of Vitamin C IV’s, I can truthfully state that “vitamin C saves lives!” One of my mentors, Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD has written several books on the benefits of vitamin C.  He laments the medical establishments concerted efforts to confuse and frighten the public over the ineffectiveness and/or down-right dangers of utilizing vitamin C.  

Dr. Levy’s books, papers, lectures and videos contain essential information regarding not only the benefits of vitamin C, but also the medical politics surrounding it’s use.  To begin learning in an easy and enjoyable manner, I encourage all my patients to go to YouTube and enter: “Dr. Levy, vitamin C”.

How Does Vitamin C Work?

All infections and toxins cause illness/disease through creating “reactive oxygen species” or ROS.  Here’s one way to explain:  Think of the toxin or damaged tissue as a fire.  You have a bucket, and the creek is just over there.  You fill the bucket, dump the water on the fire, and  ssppooof! Out goes the fire.  In this analogy, the water molecules are electrons and the bucket is vitamin C.  So, in the end, it’s all about the flow of electrons; vitamin C ensures electron flow and healthy tissue.  

On the cover of his book, “Primal Panacea’ you will find these words, “ Overwhelming documentation proves that in high enough doses, this substance prevents and cures cancer, heart disease, infections and degenerative diseases and can neutralize and even reverse damage from virtually all toxins, venoms and radiation!

Why Is Vitamin C Not Conventionally Accepted?

In chapter 7 of his book, “Primal Panacea”, Dr. Levy lists “7 medical lies that kill!”  With each myth he provides explanation and rebuttal.  Listed below are the myths without rebuttals, I encourage you to read them yourselves:

Myths about Vitamin C

  • There are no vitamin C studies (I just typed “vitamin C” into Pubmed and Google Scholar.  The number of citations are 57,506 and 2,260,000 respectively)
  • No evidence that vitamin C works (tell that to my pneumonia and cancer patients!)
  • Vitamin C is not safe 
  • Vitamin C supplementation causes kidney stones
  • Vitamin C needs are met with normal dietary intake (not in our modern, stressful world with a Standard American Diet…SAD)
  • High doses of vitamin C only make expensive urine
  • If vitamin C worked, we’d all be using it (read: the tail wagging the dog…medical politics!)

To summarize, while Dr Levy’s books illuminate the validity and scientific research of Vitamin C, the real proof comes in the form of my real clinical experience. I have witnessed over the years of administering thousands of IV’s with high doses of Vitamin C, that individuals recover from illness faster, see a boost in their mood and energy, their immune systems get stronger and Vitamin C gives those chronic patients hope that there is a treatment that will boost and not tear down their bodies. These treatments bring health and hope and every day prove that Vitamin C saves lives!

Here is a list of books authored or co-authored by Dr. Levy:

-Primal Panacea

-Curing the Incurable

-Stop America’s #1 Killer (cardiovascular disease)

-Death by Calcium

-The Toxic Tooth

-Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers of Dental Care

-The Roots of Disease: Connecting dentistry and Medicine